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Many have asked why I am running again, given everything that I have gone through with this Council.  My answer to that is that I ran to make a difference.  To make positive change and to help create a Rocky View that reflects the desires of its ratepayers and works well with its regional neighbours through real collaboration and co-operation, not antagonism and bullying.

Politics is not for the feint of heart.  I knew that going in.  I was running against one of the biggest old boys' around.  You don't take someone like that out and expect no repercussions, not in a community like Rocky View.   That said, I didn't expect to be attacked so personally, which was really unfortunate not so much for me - I chose to run for office, but for my family, especially with regards to the tax issue.  That was more about trying to embarrass me than doing what was right for the County.

It would have been easy to quit,  but I'm no quitter.  There are times where we all have to take a stand for what's right.  I won't belabour the matter, and will simply attach the judge's ruling, here.  In a nutshell, he dismissed all charges stating this was nothing more than a political vendetta by a group on council who wanted to see me gone.

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