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A Political Figure

Applications for new gravel pits are often some of the most contentious Rocky View Council faces. For those of you who were involved in the Scott pit and Summit pit hearings, you know what I mean when I say that Rocky View needs sound policy around gravel - it is something I have been fighting for since my days with Rocky View Gravel Watch.  There is no doubt that gravel is plentiful in our County or that gravel is necessary.  However, the intensive, heavy industrial nature of gravel pits means that they must be appropriately located with strong rules for how they operate.  You can rest assured that I will continue to advocate for good policy for both the location and operation of gravel pits.

The County Plan (the County's Municipal Development Plan) speaks to the need for the County to develop an Aggregate Resource Plan (ARP).  The ARP was shot down by the current council majority, leaving us to deal with gravel applications on an ad hoc basis. In my opinion, this creates winners and losers with no apparent rationale to support Council’s decisions.  Solid policy will provide a reasonable level of expectation for where and how gravel can be extracted for both residents and industry alike. 

Gravel applications have also highlighted the need for independent third-party review of technical studies.  In the past couple of years, residents have hired their own experts to assess studies presented by applicants.  Those reviews frequently reached contradictory conclusions.  No one on Council or in Administration has the expertise to evaluate these studies.  During the hearing for Burnco’s West Cochrane gravel pit, I brought forward a motion asking for an independent third-party review of both sides’ technical studies. My request was denied by the Council majority.  If elected I am committed to pursuing this issue and ensuring that funding is available to conduct such reviews when necessary. 

Re-elect Samanntha Wright for Rocky View Council.

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