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April Bearspaw Beat - Special Events Bylaw, Enforcement in RVC, Dog Licenses, County Workshops

This month, I thought I’d provide some general information on topics of overall interest.

Special Events Bylaw

In 2019, the County recognized the need to design a coordinated approach for special events as the current process is managed under an outdated 15-year old bylaw. Council recently passed the new Special Events Bylaw. The bylaw supports a new streamlined process, which simplifies obtaining special event permits while ensuring legislative requirements are met.

The bylaw provides one County point-of-contact, easy to fill-out forms, a better notification system, and the creation of a Special Event Advisory Technical Team within Administration. Schools and non-profit organizations are excluded from permit fees.

Three levels of special events are identified: large events such as parades, festivals, concerts and circuses; medium events such as rodeos, road races, and farmers’ markets; and neighbourhood or community events such as block parties, birthday parties, and weddings. Administration indicated that grouping events by impact rather than number of attendees made the bylaw more user-friendly and simpler to enforce.

Enforcement in Rocky View

In a nutshell, enforcement in Rocky View is complaint based. Complaints can be made either over the phone or through online forms. Complaints are responded to on a priority basis. Anonymous complaints are not accepted. Of course, if it is a matter that involves criminal activity, please call 9-1-1.

The online Report an Issue form notifies Municipal Enforcement about bylaw infractions, lost & found pets, unsightly premises, traffic-related concerns, or other issues related to bylaw enforcement.

The online Report a Road Issue form notifies the appropriate County department on the following: ice and snow, potholes, flooding, illegal dumping, dead animals, as well as traffic concerns.

Dog Licenses

Last year, Council eliminated fees for dog licenses. Administration is in the process of determining if waiving the fee has increased compliance. In the meantime, the fee continues to be waived. All dogs over three months of age require a license. If you do not have a dog license, please get one – registration can be done online. The fine for a dog without a license is $150.

County Workshops

Did you know that the County holds a series of workshops / seminars throughout the year? These workshops / seminars include vegetable gardening, tree pruning, septic sense, managing wildlife encounters, how to build a bee box and more. Some are free while others carry a nominal fee to cover the cost of materials.

To find out more information about any of the above, please visit the County’s website – or call 403-230-1401.

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