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My Story

Hi, I'm Samanntha Wright, Councillor for Division 4 of Rocky View County.  I am proud to say this is my second term in office.

So why did I run?  Well, I was raised in a put up or shut up environment.  If you didn't like something, it was incumbent on you to attempt to change it, else you had no right to complain about it.   After attending Council on a couple of occasions, I was appalled by how the then-Council not only spoke to residents but how they dismissed them.  Sure, I had heard horror stories about how residents were consistently dismissed by t

Many people dismiss municipal politics as being rinky-dink level politics. and while I understand that opinion, it is my belief that the municipal level is the most impactful on your day-to-day life.  Sure, we aren't making decisions on big ticket items like health care or education levels or international relations, but what we are doing is making the decisions on how your community will develop and what happens in and around your neighbourhood.


Have any questions or concerns, please drop me a line or give me a call.


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