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February Bearspaw Beat - BASP review - internet servicing

The Bearspaw Area Structure Plan (BASP) Terms of Reference came to Council for approval on January 8th. The BASP has not been completely reviewed since 1994, when it was drafted.

While the BASP review will explore phasing to accommodate growth projections and define a development sequence, the plan is not limited to determining land use strategies. The review will also identify: carrying capacities and servicing options for existing and future development; current and planned transportation infrastructure; the appropriateness of gravel extraction within the plan; recreational servicing; institutional development; and, other required physical services.

The BASP covers a staggering 25,000 acres, spanning from Calgary to Cochrane and encompasses land in both Divisions 8 and 9. Development pressures are increasing as is the pressure to create a diverse variety of housing choices. One key consideration is whether a single ASP reflects what’s best for the entire community. Or, would it be better to create multiple ASPs that recognize each area’s unique challenges and strengths?

Once reviewed, the BASP not only needs to align with County policies and the Municipal Government Act, it must also be consistent with the goals and policies of our Inter-municipal Development Plans with the City of Calgary and Town of Cochrane.

The engagement process is set to start this Spring and we really want to hear from you. Councillor Crystal Kissel (Division 9) and I want to ensure a streamlined and effective process that maximizes stakeholder involvement. As a resident, you are a key stakeholder. You understand our community’s needs and can identify our strengths and where we need improvement. The success of this document relies on your input and we sincerely hope that you will participate in the process. I’ll be sure to keep you posted as the timeline unfolds.

Last month, I informed you about the High-speed Internet Servicing Strategy motion that Councillor Kevin Hanson and I introduced to Council. For those of you who missed my last update, the motion seeks to have the County explore funding streams and potential servicing options that would provide a minimum of 50mbps for downloads to all Rocky View residents by 2021.

Well, I am pleased to say that Council unanimously supported directing Administration to prepare a report that evaluates the activities set out in our motion. The report will provide an estimate of the resources required to achieve the strategic direction provided by the motion and must be delivered to Council by April 1st.

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