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March 14/23 Council Update



An application by the Hope Mission to build a 7500 sq. ft kitchen/dining facility was approved in Division 1. Administration recommended approval.

The land, previously Camp Gardner, is owned by the Province and leased to the Hope Mission to operate a children’s recreation camp. Neighbours spoke in opposition to the proposal claiming that the land is in a flood plain and the facility could have negative impacts on the environment should a flood occur.

The applicant acknowledged that much of the camp’s land is within the flood plain, however, the proposed location of the kitchen/dining facility was not. Furthermore, they plan to construct a movable building based on other Hope Mission camp facilities in other communities.

Council approved the application unanimously with the provision that when the application comes forward for a development permit, Council will be the Development Authority, not Administration.


At the December 13, 2022 Council Meeting, Council directed Administration to report back on making a formal request to the City of Calgary to allow Renfrew Educational Services to connect to the City’s wastewater service. In case you aren’t aware, Renfrew recently received approval to build a school on the lands to the northeast of the Bearspaw Lifestyle Centre.

Administration had preliminary conversations with City staff regarding the existing Master

Servicing Agreement currently in place with Calgary for the Bearspaw/Glendale Community Association/Bearspaw School, as well as technical discussions with the Rocky View Schools on the operations of the current system.

There is currently a wastewater force main located directly south of the Renfrew property that connects to the City’s wastewater system. Administration believes that the main has the capacity to service Renfrew School but further conversations would be warranted with the City to see if they would be amenable to hooking Renfrew into that system.

Administration advised that it could take as long as two years to finalize an agreement should one be able to be reached. When asked who would be responsible for paying for engineering studies, Council was advised Renfrew would be. As such, Council supported the request to pursue the potential for connection unanimously.


As part of the 2023 budget discussions, Deputy Mayor Samra made a motion directing

Administration to prepare a report for the sourcing and securing lands in the Conrich area for a future Fire Station. On March 14th, Administration presented its report.

Administration determined that there are two parcels with the required minimum parcel size of 3-acres. Administration recommended a $40,000 budget adjustment to determine potential costs and do preliminary engineering work.

After further questioning, it was determined that for this project to proceed, it would unseat two higher priority projects identified by the Fire Master Plan, specifically the Madden Fire Hall and Bragg Creek Fire Hall which were set to come forward in 2024 and 2025, respectively. Under the Plan, Conrich is slated to come forward in 2027. When asked if we could do all three projects concurrently, Administration stated that did not align with our strategic plan. As a result, Samra’s motion to approve the $40,000 was defeated 6-1, with all but Samra in opposition.

In my opinion, it isn’t that Conrich isn’t worthy of a fire hall but changing direction

based solely on political will is unfair to those communities that rank higher on the Fire

Services’ list.


As part of the 2023 budget discussions, Councillor Kochan also made a motion to have

Administration prepare a report addressing resident concerns about the Springbank Recycle Depot’s accessibility and ease of use.

After investigating the site’s usage, daily visitor capacity, previous complaints, and safety

incident reports, as well as the overall footprint and layout of the site, Administration reported to Council at the March 14th Meeting. They provided Council with three options: introduce operational and administrative changes to reduce vehicle congestion; pursue opportunities for relocating the Springbank Recycling Depot; or maintain the status quo.

Administration noted that while the existing facility was not at capacity in terms of loads, it was in terms of vehicles. One of the key issues was yard waste, specifically branches.

Administration noted that commercial landscaping companies are using the facility, as well as residents. In other municipalities there is a charge for commercial enterprises to use such a facility, whereas Rocky View does not charge. Administration did, however, note that they were in discussions with a local nursery to see if there were potential solutions there.

Local Councillor Kochan made two successful motions directing Administration: to look at ways to make operational and administrative changes to the facility; and, to continue pursuing alternate locations for the facility.

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