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Mailbox break-ins have been rampant in the area. This past couple of months, Bearspaw has seen an unprecedented number of incidents of mail theft. I can't stress enough how important it is that we all remain vigilant in protecting our community, including our mail. If you see something suspicious or suspect that your mail has been stolen, call the RCMP.

Because mail is a federal issue, there is little the County can do. In addition to calling the police, you can let our federal MP, Blake Richards, know about the incident - He can then follow up with his liaison at Canada Post. Due to the rash of recent break-ins, I have been corresponding frequently with Mr. Richards to see what can be done. Below is an excerpt from his most recent email:

  • “· For the past few days/weeks, we have continued to work with the RCMP on this matter furthermore, we are holding the mail for some customers at our Facility and as promised, free of charge.  

  • · Yesterday, we visited some sites in the area and we have been communicating with Delivery Services. They will be replacing some boxes that have been damaged (drilled from the back) and they are changing locks of those that have been tampered with but not damaged. 

  • · Calgary police arrested four suspects from Surrey believed to be responsible last week (two were released, two have been held over). All four are prolific mail theft offenders known to police in Alberta and BC.

  • · After a search warrant on a residence approximately 5000 pieces of stolen mail were recovered not only from Bearspaw area but other areas in the city, province and two other provinces from the last three months. We are still in the process of analyzing all of the mail so I do not know if any of the recovered mail was for any of the victims.

  • · As well, when it was believed a key series had been compromised I ordered an emergency rekey of three different codes, one (mainly for Okotoks area has been completed). I believe we are still waiting on the other two series to be rekeyed (Bearspaw and Hawkwood).

  • · Additionally, there are now multiple bait mail and cameras located throughout Bearspaw.

  • As I said, we are taking this issue very seriously and are doing our best to restore the situation.”

 I remain hopeful that these findings and initiatives will finally put a stop to the rash of break-ins that have impacted our community in the past few months.

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