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Camden Lane to prepare concept scheme, Division 5 subdivision approved


On March 13th, an application to redesignate 13+ acres into three 4-acre lots along Camden Lane came before Council. This application was previously heard on January 9th where it was given first and second reading. On January 23rd, it was found that an Administrative oversight resulted in some opposition letters being excluded from Council’s package. As such, Council directed Administration to work with the applicant and hold a new hearing.

Every neighbour adjacent to the proposed parcels was in opposition to the application. Their main concerns were the proximity of the proposed road to existing homes, traffic impacts, light pollution, sufficient water for two more wells and storm water management.

While 4 acre lots are considered acceptable in the Cochrane North ASP (where the lands are located), a concept scheme can be requested by Council.

The proposed access to these parcels involved a 20m right of way that utilized v-ditches for drainage. Minimum standard County road right of way widths are 25m and the use of v-ditches is no longer recommended. Oddly, the proposed road directly serviced only two of the parcels; the third, rearmost parcel still required a panhandle driveway for access.

In her closing remarks, local area Councillor Crystal Kissel felt this was not the right time for the application and cited there was a need for a more comprehensive review of the whole area, not just the applicant’s lands. As such, Kissel asked Council to support her in refusing the application. Kissel’s motion was defeated 7-2 (I was the only one who gave her that support).

Reeve Boehlke believed the application should have passed, stating neighbour concerns could be addressed at the subdivision stage. For me there were too many unanswered questions to allow it to proceed to subdivision. As well, if Administration/Council claims a concept scheme is unnecessary, there should be overwhelming neighbour support. There was not.

Councillor Kissel’s second motion sought approval of Option #2 – to direct the applicant to perform a concept scheme. This motion narrowly passed in a decision of 5-4, with Reeve Boehlke and Councillors Mark Kamachi, Kim McKylor and Dan Henn in opposition.


A subdivision application that saw a 97-acre lot in Division 5 divided into two separate parcels received unanimous approval in Division 5. The application was to approve a 20-acre parcel, leaving a 77- acre remainder, directly along the Wheatland County border.

Of note - Administration recommended that the applicant should pay the municipal reserves on the 27-acre parcel and defer those on the 77-acre remainder. However, Deputy Reeve Jerry Gautreau moved to have the municipal reserves deferred on both parcels. Gautreau’s motion passed 6-3, with opposition coming from Councillors Kim McKylor, Kevin Hanson and I. I do not believe that this Council’s frequent deferral of municipal reserves is in the best interest of the County. As such, I will be pushing for a review of how and when levies should be deferred.

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