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Lehigh Hanson and MDP given first reading, Meadow Drive pumping solution, Div 5 application tabled


Lehigh Hanson’s application for a 600-acre gravel pit (Scott Pit) at the northwest corner of Burma Rd and Rocky Ridge Rd was given first reading. I asked to table the application until the Bearspaw Area Structure Plan Review was completed. My motion was only supported by Councillors Hanson and Kissel. I then made a follow-up motion to refuse first reading. That motion was defeated 7-2 with only Councillor Kissel supporting me.

Please remember that first reading simply means that Council believes the application should have a public hearing. The public hearing date for this application has not yet been announced.


In 2018, Council began the process to create a new Municipal Development Plan (MDP) to replace the County Plan. The Municipal Development Plan outlines the vision for Rocky View County’s future from a planning and development perspective and helps guide how and where the County will grow. The results from the public engagement sessions along with Council’s input have been compiled into a new document, click here to view it. The public hearing for the MDP is scheduled for December 8th.


Engineering Services made a presentation outlining potential stormwater solutions for the Meadow Drive and Burma Road/RR 25 communities. Known for their high-water tables, in 2017, the County spent over $175,000 to pump the areas. Administration noted that pumping is a band-aid solution until outlets are created and that even minor pumping projects can cost $5,000-10,000 per occurrence.

The Meadow Dr project is a shovel ready project with an estimated cost of $3.6 million. It involves a gravity fed solution that provides an outlet at Meadow Dr and Rocky Ridge Rd. It was noted that this project would also provide relief to Aspen Dr and Bearspaw View residents. For Burma Rd/RR25 there is a proposed mechanical/gravity fed solution that is estimated to cost $900,000. Both project costs exclude land acquisition.

Earlier this year, the Province asked for a list of shovel ready projects for potential funding opportunities – the Meadow Dr project was on that list. When the funding came through, the project was overlooked in favour of other County projects. That said, the Province has committed additional funding for 2021 under the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI). At the end of Admin’s update, I made a motion to allocate $3.6 million for Meadow Dr. and $900,000 for Burma/RR 25 from the County’s MSI allotment.

My motion failed 6-3 with only Councillors Hanson and Kissel in support. CAO Hoggan stated that my request was premature as we were not discussing budget issues. However, there was a healthy discussion and council agreed to consider the projects at budget time. (Note – budget discussions will be held at a special meeting on November 30th, and if necessary, December 1st, and will be open to the public for input).


An application to allow RV storage / industrial use in the transitional section of the Janet ASP in Division 5 was tabled. Another application in the same area had been considered and tabled at the Sept. 24th meeting to address similar technical shortcomings in that application.

Councillor Gautreau’s tabling motion directed the applicant to work with the applicant for the neighbouring property whose Canna Park Concept Plan had been tabled on September 24th. His motion was supported unanimously.

While I would prefer more involvement from other landowners in the transition area, I supported the motion. The Janet ASP anticipates transitioning this area from residential to light industrial /industrial use. Change is inevitable in this area and asking neighbouring landowners to work together creates a win for everyone.

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