To everyone who voted, a huge thank you! To everyone who supported me, an even bigger thank you!

I would also like to thank Dan Henn and Roc Spence for not only putting their names forward but for motivating me to work so hard.  It was a tough race.

As I have said before, many elections in Rocky View are won by small margins and my victory came by way of 51 votes.  Every vote truly counted.

If you have any questions or comments, please drop me a line or give me a shout.

Thank you, again. Samannntha

We Like You


The following individuals have graciously and generously donated to my campaign.  A huge THANK YOU! to each and every one of them!

W. CORBETT - $800                         R. ERICKSON - $125

D. COLLYER - $1000                        W.    ROTTENFUSSER - $125

T. DECHERT - $250                          G.    MOROZ - $250

K. KACHUR - $500                            A. FOSS - $750

G. McMORELAND - $500                 J. HEATH - $35

R. PALMER - $100                           J. CARSON - $300

We Like You


The following individuals have graciously and generously donated to my campaign.  A huge THANK YOU! to each and every one of them!

W. CORBETT - $800                         R. ERICKSON - $125

D. COLLYER - $1000                        W.    ROTTENFUSSER - $125

T. DECHERT - $250                          G.    MOROZ - $250

K. KACHUR - $500                            A. FOSS - $750

G. McMORELAND - $500                 J. HEATH - $35

R. PALMER - $100                           J. CARSON - $300

Samanntha Wright




While our visions of what rural is may differ – from a small acreage to a multi-section ranch, to something in between – we all chose to live in Rocky View for a reason.  Over the past four years, I have heard from thousands of you expressing a strong desire to protect our rural lifestyle.  Residents are frustrated as they no longer feel they have a voice in County decisions and they are concerned with Council’s constant deviation from policy.  I share these concerns and am committed to working to make things better.


In 2017, I ran on honesty, transparency, and integrity and I have delivered on those promises and then some.  You can count on me to explain the reasons for my decisions, both at Council meetings and in my regular updates (please visit my updates section to see this for yourself).  I am always willing to stand up and be counted.  You can rest assured that this will continue once I am re-elected.

Council is elected to represent you – the resident.  While we all want to protect our rural lifestyles, there is no doubt that growth is inevitable.  The question is how it is managed?  Everyone has the right to be heard and to participate as fulsomely as possible in determining how growth occurs.  Over the last four years, I have steadfastly advocated for enhanced public engagement and for decisions to adhere to policy.


I remain strongly committed to opening up Rocky View’s processes so that residents’ missing voices are not only heard but play a critical role in Council’s decisions.  This commitment becomes particularly important when council veers away from policy.  You have the right to expect that decisions will follow policy – that “the rules” will apply. There will always be a few exceptions, but they should be few and far between, not the all-too common occurrences that have plagued this Council.  When rules are not followed, the playing field is not level.  That is not just unfair, it is wrong.  In my view, if a decision is not going to follow policy, there should be buy-in from the affected community, as well as other solid reasons for the exception.

I strongly believe that Council can only make quality decisions after it has considered all sides of an issue.  As a result, I think it is important to ask tough questions and be willing to challenge questionable assertions.  This hasn’t always made me popular with some on Council.  But, representing the best interests of the residents who elected me isn’t a popularity contest.  Instead, it is hard work that requires approaching every issue with a fresh and open mind, evaluating it against policy, hearing the input from affected stakeholders, weighing the options, and considering the potential costs and benefits the decision may have on the community and on the County overall.

Contrary to what some others have indicated, local politics isn’t a team sport where all the participants blindly follow the leader. Of course, the majority rules; however, that doesn’t preclude listening to those whose opinions may differ.  Hearing all views and debating their merits are the cornerstones of democracy. In my view, if a decision can’t withstand scrutiny, it shouldn’t be made. 

I speak truth to power and stand behind what I believe in. This has landed me in hot water as was evidenced in the sanctions and the court case alleging my disqualification. Since truth won in both of these cases, I continue to hold my head high in knowing that putting my name forward serves not only the best interests of the residents of Division 4, but of the entire County.

I am optimistic about our upcoming election.  There are some good candidates in all divisions, meaning there is a strong possibility that a solid Council will be elected; one that will truly represent the best interests and values of the residents of Rocky View. 

On October 18th, re-elect Samanntha Wright

Wright for Rocky View – Right for Division 4


I have always been active politically, as well as on the volunteer level. Prior to being elected, I helped form the resident advocacy group Rocky View Forward. I also worked extensively with Rocky View Gravel Watch.

My professional background is in Public Relations and Communications. I recently completed a Women in Leadership course from the Edwards School of Business (USask).


Boards and Committees

Over the last four years, I have been fortunate to sit on a number of boards and committees each of which has provided me with not only a deeper understanding of how the County works but the roles our stakeholders play in making Rocky View one of the greatest places to live.

  • Agricultural Services Board

  • Bearspaw/Glendale Recreation Board (now defunct)

  • Cochrane Inter-municipal Committee

  • Family and Community Services Board

  • Municipal Planning Commission

  • Policy Review Committee

  • Recreation Governance Committee

  • Subdivision and Development Appeal Board


Rural Crime Watch

I am proud to say that I have been on the Board of the Cochrane Foothills Protective Association, our local branch of Rural Crime Watch, for the past three-and-a-half years. currently holdIng the position of Secretary.

I am truly passionate about the issue, as it is one that impacts residents throughout Rocky View.  The Board works closely with the RCMP, Fish and Wildlife and Rocky View County Enforcement. And, we recently spoke with MLA Miranda Rosin to discuss potential improvements to policing in Alberta.

We all need to be each others eyes and ears. And, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that if something doesn't look right, please call it in to your local RCMP detachment.

In my spare time, you can find me hanging out with my husband, three children, and our menagerie of pets. I am an avid reader, love gardening and yoga and, thanks to COVID, have rekindled my love/hate relationship with crocheting.

Electoral-Division-Map-Courtesy Rocky View County.png